The Moth

Eclipses the world in water and light, bleaching the world of all of the old, replacing it with a new light. In this flood a generator emerges from the deeping waters, taking a form of a moth. Said Moth opens up his chest cavity bleeding onto the world, already eclipsed with water, now with her new partner, Blood. The Moth degenerates into a shadow, then said shadow reforms/regenerates into a new form, a feminine one. That of a worm, a worm of eternal length, eternal knowledge. Furthermore on re/degeneration is the same reality humanity faces. Leaving the Masculine Violence of Old Society into the Feminine Love of a water based world. Cybernetic Beijing the peak of Masculine Society, boiling into horrid places and horrid deaths. Piling on and over the dead bodys lays a castle of death. Said Castle of Death is the home of Cybernetic Beijing/Techno-fascism. The Moth destroys all of this dysphoria with his blood. His shadow takes the remnants of the Castle as they form into a new light, a worm. Her new body wraps around the degenerating earth, as they move into a new feminine form, very much like the Moth.