The Ophanim walks without care or reason, it exists because it exists, the idea of purpose is completely alien to it. It is the non-human, the peak of outsideness. It goes and goes without reason. Deterritorializing itself from reality. When the Ophanim walks an earthworm finds its way into its wheels. The Earthworm in itself is a ophanim too. Ophanims exist within ophanims, and thus ophanims exist within those ophanims. The Ophanim exists within itself and outside itself, as with material and spiritual. The worm is made of wire, and the wheels of the Ophanim were made of it too. The Worm and the Ophanim were never separate. The wheels of the Ophanim and the wiring of the Worm are that of Ouroboros too. The Wheels are multiples of Ouroboros, the Worm is half of Ouroboros. The Ophanim is made of feedback loops rerouting themselves onto everything. The Worm is a wire.